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Rating, Reviews, Editions and All About “The Last of Us 2”

The last of us part 2 is Only in Playstation 4

The last of us part 2 is the second part of the same name released back in 2013, part 1 first released on PS3 on June 14, 2013, and after 1 year July 29, 2014, the game released on PS4 with enhanced graphics and some extra features.

The last of us 2 is an action-adventure zombie game published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4.

The last of us 2 Rating

As we expected the game scores big all over the internet, everyone is enjoying the part 2 and the game has positive ratings and reviews

Metacritic 96%

IGN 10/10

when is the last of us 2 coming out? Release date of The Last of us 2

The final release date of the last of us part 2 is June 19, 2020, and you can pre-order from the official PlayStation store, part 2 was announced in December 2016 and delayed several times first for development issues and then due to COVID-19.

How many Editions of the game?

There are five editions of the last of us ii

  1. Ellie Edition
  2. Collector’s Edition
  3. Special Edition
  4. Digital Deluxe Edition
  5. Standard Edition

Pre-order Bonuses

The standard edition costs $59.99, The standard edition has only a normal story mode and will include some pre-order bonuses. Disc packs are available almost everywhere after release, and we can also pre-order on the PlayStation Store.

Pre-ordering The Last of Us 2 gives you several bonuses

  • an ammo capacity upgrade
  • crafting a training manual.

Collector’s Edition of The Last of Us 2

As you all know that The Last of Us Part 2 has five different editions and Collector’s Edition comes with some extraordinary physical items.

  • The Base Game and Applicable Pre-order Bonuses
  • 12″ Ellie Statue
  • Replica of Ellie’s Bracelet
  • Collectible Steel Book
  • Set of V Stickers
  • PSN Dynamic Theme
  • 48-page Mini Art Book from Dark Horse
  • Set of VI Enamel Pins
  • Lithograph art Print
  • VI PSN Avatars
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Digital Mini Art Book from Dark Horse

Ellie Edition The most in-demand amongst all

Ellie Edition is the most popular and in-demand edition of the last of us 2 among The Last of Us fans and comes in $229.99 at best buy, the Ellie Edition has everything comes with the Collector’s Edition. we will also receive an embroidered patch and 7″ vinyl record with music from the original soundtrack.

  • The Base Game and Applicable Pre-order Bonuses
  • Full-sized of Ellie’s backpack
  • Embroidered patch
  • 7″ Vinyl Record with Original Music
  • 12″ Ellie statue
  • Replica of Ellie’s Bracelet
  • Collectible Steel Book
  • Set of VI Enamel Pins
  • 48-page Mini Art Book from Dark Horse
  • Lithograph art print
  • Set of V Stickers
  • VI PSN Avatars
  • PSN Dynamic Theme
  • Digital soundtrack
  • Digital Mini Art Book from Dark Horse 

    Ellie Edition of the last us 2

How many main characters in the game?

As all know the game is the second part to the last of us and will pick up the story of Ellie and Joel, In part 1 Joel is the main character we played throughout the game but this time Ellie takes the charge from the Jeol and starts her journey.

Ellie is now 19 years old and will be the main character whom players will control.












is it true or not? you heard about “The Last Of Us 2”

The Last of Us Part 2 Director Neil Druckmann on Spoilers in the interview with Eurogamer:

“There’s a lot of the feedback that came out, our take on it is, you don’t know. Right?” Druckmann said. “There are so many false things out there. We don’t want to go out there and correct anything because that would be spoiling the game in a way – by saying what it isn’t, we’re kind of saying what it is.”

There are dozen of spoilers and game leak videos we saw on the internet. some of them are true and mostly are fakes

these are some examples of questions and spoilers people search on the internet

Does Ellie Die Last of Us 2?

Does Joel die?

Why did Ellie kiss Riley?

Only ten days left for the release of the naughty dogs biggest game “The Last of us 2”. you will get all the answers you looking for

The gameplay of “The last of us 2”

it’s obvious that The Last of us part 2 gameplay and features will be better than the part 1, the whole team of naughty dogs gave their best to make it larger than life and memorable.

Gameplay length is the big question itself because most of the game ends in 6 to 8 hours but the length of the gameplay of the Last of us will be around 20 to 30 hours and will release on 2 Bluray discs.

Have a look below of the first gameplay trailer of the last of us 2 which sony released on youtube back in 2018.

if you haven’t played the last of us part 1 yet so don’t need to worry because you can take the idea from the walkthrough gameplay of the last of us part 1 video below.

you can subscribe to the youtube channel for more new upcoming games walkthrough, trailers, and gameplay videos Master Hammad.

is there The last of us 2 ps4 pro bundle?

The last of us 2 limited edition PS4 Pro will be available with the release of the game and this will be limited stock and cost you around $400 USD Gamespot.

PS4 Pro limited Bundle

this is all for now and a bonus for you all

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